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About Us

Elevator Ready Inc.. (ERI) is a premier sales and installation company providing residence elevators, LULA commercial elevators, dumbwaiters, stair lifts and wheelchair lifts to the Central PA and Delaware territories.  Paul Chance purchased & established, Elevator Ready Inc.., formerly known as Inclinator Company of Central PA in 2007. Previously, Inclinator of Central Pa was owned & operated by Inclinator Company of America where Chance was the manager. Desiring to concentrate on the manufacturing side of the business, Inclinator Company of America offered Chance the opportunity to purchase Inclinator Company of Central PA. 

Chance is currently serving on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers A18.1 Wheelchair Lift Main Committee, the ASME A17.1 Private Residence Committee and is the Vice Chair of the LULA Committee.  ERI is a member of the NAEC & HBA of Metropolitan Harrisburg.

ERI has recently moved to a new larger office/warehouse suite to allow us to continue to grow.  Our team consists of employees who are highly qualified & dedicated to providing first class service to our customers. We have a combined 45 years of experience in installation, service and maintenance of the products we provide.

Currently, the home elevator industry is once again part of a growing industry. Today’s consumers are continuing to build multi-story homes with the intent of Aging in Place requiring them to include residential elevators in their plans. As the age of the population continues to rise many people will require assistance for increased mobility. Persons with disabilities benefit from ERI's services to assist them in gaining access to their homes, churches, restaurants and libraries.